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Values of atleast 0.5 C above said temperature can be considered fever while temperatures of 1-2 C below normal temperature are known as ‘Hypothermia’ (body temperature too low). Your body temperature of 37.5 C (99.5 F) is within normal range.

The normal body temperature is between 36 and 37 C, but this can vary from person to person and from hour to hour. Temperatures between 37.5 C and 38.2 C mark a low-grade fever. A high-grade fever is present when the oral temperature is above 38.2 C. the


30/1/2008 · I just read something about Tylenol killing you and stuff, well I’ve taken 3 already and my headache hasnt stop and my temperature has gone up. That really is a border line with such a normaly low temperature. And if you are sick then you can expect a fever.

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Recognizing a fever can enable you to get treatment and proper monitoring for it. Normal body temperature is typically around 98.6 F (37 C). However, the normal body temperature for each person

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11/3/2010 · 37.5 fever???? ,Baby Kingdom – 親子王國 香港 討論區 據我所知 5歲以下 37.8 先開始叫做發燒, 但 over 左 37.2 就要留意要多飲水可能有發燒機會, 其實我女學校一到 37.2 已經唔比

Fever and temperature taking When your child is sick with an infection (bacterial or viral), it is common to also have a fever. Fever will not hurt your child. Usually, it goes away after 72 hours (3 days). Babies younger than 6 months old should see a doctor when they

It’s a low grade fever. Normal body temp is 36 – 37.2 Lemsip has paracetamol in so it could have bought your temp down but temperatures don’t need treating unless high (39.5+) or you feel crap. If you took your temperature orally after Lemsip, it could be the hot

Is 37.5 C (99.5 F) considered a fever? I’ve been feeling ill all day and I just took my temperature and it said it was 37.5 C. Is that a fever? Should I

Fever is the temporary increase in the body’s temperature in response to a disease or illness. A child has a fever when the temperature is at or above one of these levels: 100.4 F (38 C) measured in the bottom (rectally) 99.5 F (37.5 C) measured in the mouth (orally)

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Fever ‘Fever’ simply describes a high body temperature and can often suggest an underlying infection. As a general rule, a temperature of over 37.5 C (99.5 F) in children or adults is classed as a fever. You can check yours or your child’s temperature with a home

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37.5 degrees Celsius = 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit 375 degrees Fahrenheit is about 190.56 degrees Celsius. Temperature is easy to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius yourself. You

發燒(英語:fever),又稱作發熱(英語:pyrexia)或發燒反應(英語:febrile response)[6],其定義為:體溫在調節時超過了平常體溫。[4][11][5]現在醫界並沒有一致認可的正常體溫上限,文獻從37.3到38.3℃都有。[6][7]下視丘的體溫調節中心將原本的體溫設定(set

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Fever In most adults, an oral or axillary temperature above 37.6 C (99.7 F) or a rectal or ear temperature above 38.1 C (100.6 F) is considered a fever. A child has a fever when his or her rectal temperature is 38 C (100.4 F) or higher or armpit (axillary

18/10/2017 · Fever is defined as an increase in body temperature above the normal range (greater than 37.3oC in the morning or 37.8oC in the evening). What is Fever Body temperature is tightly controlled to allow the body to function normally. It is regulated by a part of the

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A fever is usually a normal response of your immune system to a virus or bacterial infection. Most healthy adults can tolerate a fever well. Fever ranges and symptoms 38–38.9 C – mild fever With a mild fever you might have flushed cheeks, feel a little lethargic

A fever is a high temperature. As a general rule, in children a temperature of over 37.5C (99.5F) is a fever. As a parent it can be extremely worrying if your child has a high temperature. However, it’s very common and often clears up by itself without treatment.

A body temperature from 39.4 – 39.5 – 39.6 in children is very high so take action and get in touch with your doctor. Children should have a maximum temperature of 37.5 up to 3 years old, and around 37

Ear/Forehead temperature : 37.5 C Common causes of fever in children are infections, overdressing (wearing clothes that are too thick), teething or vaccination. Fever symptoms may be less obvious in younger children. You can suspect they have a fever if

Values of atleast 0.5 C above said temperature can be considered fever while temperatures of 1-2 C below normal temperature are known as ‘Hypothermia’ (body temperature too low). Your body temperature of 37.3 C (99.1 F) is within normal range.

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What is normal body temperature? Normal body temperature is around 37 C (98.6 F). Body temperature varies during the day. The lowest body temperature occurs in the early morning hours (2 a.m. to 4 a.m.) and the highest temperature occurs in the late

究竟幾多度先叫發燒呢? 有人話37.5度又有人話38度,更加有人話40度先係即係幾多度呢?? 天氣炎熱,一出一入冷氣房就好容易攝親,隨即傷風感冒而來,除咗咳同流鼻水之外,發燒也相當常見。但究竟體溫要到達邊個水平先算發燒呢?

View the temperature conversion for 37.5 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit. Includes a worked example, showing how to convert 37.5 C to F. Albert Einstein is shown for illustrative purposes. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686–1736), is the proponent of the Fahrenheit

A fever is when a person’s body temperature is hotter than 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5 Fahrenheit).Normal body temperature for humans varies based on a variety of factors, including age and level of physical activity. It is typically cited as 37 degrees Celsius (98.6

正常體溫範圍 : 肛溫:攝氏36 ~37.8度 , 攝氏 38 (38.1) 度以上算發燒 口溫:攝氏36.4~37.2度, 攝氏 37.5度以上算發燒 腋溫:攝氏35.9c~36.7度 ,攝氏 37 度以上算發燒 腋溫 + 0.5度 等於 口溫 + 0.5

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0.5 C higher than those taken orally. So a normal temperature is about 37.5 C (99.5 F) when taken rectally. But temperatures may vary during the day, even in healthy children. Many doctors define a fever as an oral temperature above 37.5 C (99.5 F) or a rectal

Find out more about fever symptoms in adults, when you can use self-care, and what to do if your condition worsens and you need medical help. Your normal body temperature is approximately 37C (98.6F). A fever is usually when your body temperature is 38C (100

26/6/2009 · But when you have allergies it boosts the temperature to 37. It’s nothing to worry, some people have it for normal body temperature all the time. If it gets to 37.3 and keeps rising then you are probably developing a fever. Don’t worry until you reach 37.5 and even

28/8/2010 · 37.2度, 唔算係發燒, 37度半即37.5度 有D人體温比較穩定, 例如: 長期係36.8, 就次次都係. 但係有D人體温比較浮動, 有時37.3, 有時37.1, 好鬼唔穩定, 但係其實冇事. 體温穩定的人, 可以因為某D原因, 短暫性地變得唔穩定, 又或者隨着年紀老邁, 身體的體質改變, 都會令體温唔穩定同埋有輕微改變, 例如: 以

What is a fever? A fever is an increase in your body temperature. Normal body temperature is 98.6 F (37 C). Fever is generally defined as greater than 100.4 F (38 C). What are common causes of a fever? The cause of your fever may not be known. This is called

Symptoms A fever may be classified as mild (or ‘low grade’) if it’s between 37.8 C and 38.5 C; or high (or ‘high-grade’) above 38.5 C. A fever can be short lasting (acute) or ongoing (chronic) or

ovulation. If a person has a consistently elevated temperature, fever is said to exist. A low-grade fever is marked by temperatures between 37.5 and 38.2 C (99.5 and 101 F) when taken orally. A high-grade fever is present when the oral temperature is

A normal temperature in children is 36.5 C to 37.5 C although it depends on the person, their age, what they have been doing, the time of day and at which part of the body you take the temperature. Body temperature is usually lowest in the early hours of the

7/10/2018 · A fever is a body temperature above 100.4 F. A normal oral temperature for a resting, healthy adult is about 98.6 F (37 C) (for someone over 70 normal temp is 96.8 F (36 C)). Your temperature can go up or down 1 to 2 degrees throughout the day. Fever is a sign of

A fever is a rise in body temperature. It’s usually a sign of infection. The fever itself is generally harmless and probably helpful. Fevers usually don’t need treatment. The average body temperature is 98.6 F (37 C). But normal body temperature can range between 97 F

Adult Fever Symptoms, Treatment and When to Call a Doctor When you’re riding the waves of chills, followed immediately by an increase in body temperature, it can be exhausting. For most adults, this is a familiar roller coaster experience where all signs and symptoms point in one direction: the onset of a fever.

Fever is the body’s natural response to fighting infections like coughs and colds. Many things can cause a high temperature in children, from common childhood illnesses like chickenpox and tonsillitis, to vaccinations. Checking a high temperature Your child might:

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Fever is a rise in body temperature, usually caused by infection. Fevers caused by viral illnesses shouldn’t be treated with antibiotics, since these drugs have no effect against viruses. High fever (about 41.5 C or more) is extremely dangerous and could trigger

For parents, fever can be very distressing. However, most of the time it’s a lack of understanding which can make them seem so worrying. In this article, we are going to explain what a fever is, what causes them, and how to avoid them.