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Important Notice Due to brand integration, the email service of domain name @threebb.com.hk was terminated effective 1 st August 2018. Please use the new email address with domain name @hgcbroadband.com Business clients please click here

For more information on the WebMail service, please contact [email protected] – Fixed Broadband Email PHP 5.3 關係,域名@threebb.com.hk之電郵地址已經由 2018 年 8 月 1 日起停止服務。請使用全新域名@hgcbroadband.com

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HGC Home Broadband We offer a wide range of broadband services, namely the 100M Superbroadband plan and 1G (also called 1000M) Fibre-to-the-home service, to cater to the different needs of our users. Our users can choose a plan that best suits them based

HGC 光纖寬頻適合對象 光纖寬頻的網速,最高可提供達 1000M 的網速,特別適合對網速有需求的用戶,例如常下載及常看高清影片或串流直播的用家,光纖寬頻定是最適合您的選擇。但若家中人數較多,基本光纖上網便未必能滿足所有人的需要了。

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HGC環電為本地、海外、企業及大眾市場提供全面的電訊服務、數據中心服務、資訊科技方案及寬頻服務。 HGC 寬頻為家居客戶提供語音, 家居寬頻, 娛樂及多元化增值服務。你及你的家人將透過我們提供的服務享受高性價比及多元化的家居寬頻服務。


HGC 家居寬頻服務計劃 互聯網漸漸變得普及。生活與互聯網變得越來越密不可分,亦代表上網的速度和穩定性變得越來越重要。家居作為用戶起居生活的地方,上網質素自然更為重要。若您家中人數較多,又多觀看高清影片,如會上網煲劇、以打機為主,HGC 1G(亦常稱爲1000M) 光纖寬頻服務會是您的

HGC exceeds our expectations with its broadband service by owning a powerful optic-fibre network to provide us with quality service and stable internet speed. Click here and Join

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Special Terms and Conditions for “HGC efax” Service 1. HGC makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the “HGC efax” service and any software downloaded by you, and shall not be liable to you or any third parties for any failures, malfunctions or non

We have sent a notice to affected customers’ contact email address in late Jul. Please check out the details of the changes stated on the notic e, and remember to back up all the emails in the mail box @threebb.com.hk by yourself on or before 31st Aug, 2018

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隨時查閱你的服務計劃詳情﹑數據用量,申請增值服務,更新個人資料及WiFi﹑漫遊等服務設定。 家居寬頻 / 寬頻及家居電話組合 / 電聯寬頻服務用戶 登入名稱及密碼: 閣下以域名 @threebb.com.hk / @hgcbroadband.com /

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HGC provides full-fledged telecom, data centre services, ICT solutions and broadband services for local, overseas, corporate and mass markets. HGC Broadband provides Voice, Home Broadband, Entertainment and a wide range of value-added service which have

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MyHGC Login Enjoy the convenience of checking your bill, service usage, service plans subscribed and manage your account information online anytime you want with your

9/9/2014 · MSN 上的 Skype 看看誰在線上 通知與未讀訊息 語音通話與聊天 開始連結您的 Skype 【鑽石公主號】入境處稱日方先讓別國撤離 望第二班包機周五或六復

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Internet Explorer 11 changes the way of detecting IE browsers and affects the webmail portal to detect. To enable accessing the webmail system, compatibility view is required. Customer can access the login page. However, the mail content won’t show up.

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如閣下不清楚所屬的電路確定碼,請致電HGC寬頻客戶熱線 1223 查詢。 If you are not sure with your Authentication Code, please feel free to call HGC Broadband Customer Services Hotline at 1223 .

NETVIGATOR Email Service NETVIGATOR email is a personal email service with unlimited storage and anti-spam protection, enabling NETVIGATOR customers to share, organize and keep up to speed across multiple platforms.

Outlook.com 是 Microsoft 所提供的免費個人電子郵件服務,我們並不會為了提供您廣告而掃描您的電子郵件。自動歸檔電子郵件,並且輕鬆地分享相片。

MyHGC Login 使用您的MyHGC賬戶,隨時隨地查看賬單、服務使用情況、服務計劃以及網上管理您的賬戶資料。

All incoming faxes will be directed to the email box which is assigned to you. Through the Incoming Fax service, you can receive the fax anytime, anywhere. You can also view and file the fax in electronic format and even forward the fax to whoever’s email boxes you want.

如閣下不清楚所屬的電路確定碼,請致電HGC寬頻客戶熱線 1223 查詢。

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2180 0080 [email protected] Business Telephone Line / IDD Services 1220 Business Internet Access / Data Services 1222 Business Telephone Line Service / Business IDD Service / Business Internet 1228 [email protected]

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Note: * Items must be filled in Residential Customer Service Hotline : 1223 Residential Technical Helpdesk : 1223 Business Customer Service Hotline : 1222 Business Technical Helpdesk : 31603160

Welcome to HGC Home Wi-Fi service configuration Please login with your HGC Broadband’s email account and password to activate/update Home Wi-Fi setting.

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All mobile device Hgcbroadband email setup for Android, Outlook, webmail, Window or iPhone on our website. We provide setup details for all over mail providers. Setting up your email has never been so easy. We provide you Hgcbroadband imap mail settings

This system is for the use of authorized users only. Individuals using this computer system without authority, or in excess of their authority, are subject to having all of their activities on this system monitored and recorded by system personnel.

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