Welcome to Uiiverse! Uiiverse is a re-creation of Nintendo’s well-known social network, Miiverse. It allows you to interact with fellow Nintendo fans, give Yeahs to posts, and share screenshots of your favorite games. Uiiverse is a closed-source revival of Nintendo and

Miiverse was a social network for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, created by Nintendo System Development and Hatena, and powered by the Nintendo Network. It was discontinued on November 7, 2017. Integrated into every game, Miiverse allowed players to interact

Developer: Nintendo

Your guide into Archive Teams Miiverse Grab, with nearly 17 terabytes of posts.

The Miiverse service ended on November 7, 2017 at 10 PM Pacific Time. Once the Miiverse service ended, users were no longer able to access Miiverse on Wii U, any of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems or an Internet browser on PCs and smart devices. Yes.

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18/2/2014 · Hello, and welcome to Miiverse! This vid will show you the in’s and out’s of Miiverse in the most accurate and sarcastic way possible! Based off of JelloApoc

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Miiverseで、できること。 Miiverseはソフトごとに「コミュニティ」と呼ばれる専用のスペースがあり、さまざまなソフトの話題で世界中のユーザーと交流できます。ニンテンドー3DSのソフトはもちろん、Wii Uのソフトのコミュニティも見ることができます。

Miiverse wiil not connect with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, however it will be accessable through other devices such as the 3DS, smartphone and online in the near future

比方說 Miiverse,就是一項能讓玩家變得更親密的社交創新。但可惜的是,隨著廠方現在更多將重心放到新品 Switch 上,這項服務也要走向終結了。早些時候任天堂日本宣佈,將會在當地時間今年 11 月 8 日下午三點正式關閉 Miiverse,在那之後 Wii U 和 3DS

「MiiverseからSNSの方に人が流れた事」 「Miiverseに残っている人がSNSのように扱っていた事」 この二つがMiiverseサービス終了の理由(原因)らしいだとのこと。 ネット上での安全面で考えると確かにMiiverseのサービスを利用するメリットは確かにありそうです。


岩田聪谈论Miiverse登陆3DS可能性 效果拔群_资讯中心_电玩巴士3ds
3DS Miiverse使用介绍与使用方法_应用百科_电玩巴士3ds


Miiverse is a network service that uses Mii characters to bring players together. Players can share their gameplay experiences with the world with text and handwritten messages, read comments about titles that they’re interested in and find other players who like

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Eine der Online-Funktionen der Wii U wird von Nintendo „Miiverse“ (Kofferwort aus “Mii” und “Universe”) benannt. Sie bezeichnet eine Art soziales Netzwerk, welches in der Wii U fest integriert ist und auf das Nintendo-Network zurückgreift.

Generation: 8. Konsolengeneration

Miiverseに対応する一部ゲームでは、Miiverseの投稿内容がゲーム内に反映されるようになっている。 2017年 8月29日にサービスを終了することが告知され [4]、同年11月8日午後3時(日本時間)をもってサービスを終了した [5] [注 2]。 対応プラットフォーム

サービス終了日: 2017年11月8日

『Miiverse』で世界中の「Mii」がつながる。 『Miiverse(ミーバース)』は世界中の人たちがMiiを通じてつながる、 Wii Uに内蔵されたネットワークサービスです。 ゲームの中での体験をさまざまな形で世界中の人と共有することができます。

Rverse (Previously known as foxverse and Reverse) is a Miiverse clone created mainly by ninjafox (with help), it has gotten a lot of mixed responses upon launch with ninjafox making some decisions that backfired almost immediately. It was officially released on

Miiverse was a social network operated by Nintendo and Hatena (who was the previously known as the beloved Flipnote Hatena) in 2012 for the Wii U and 2013 for 3DS, powered by Nintendo Network.It also got a web browser version on 2013. It is compatible with

WiiU最強交流app「Miiverse」今日正式結束營運 官網放上以用戶投稿拼砌而成的巨大感謝畫 https://miiverse.nintendo.net/ja/ #miiverse #台長

Miiverse is a downloadable stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. It is based on the social-media network for the Wii U console and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. It was released for free in a Patch Update on June 14, 2015. The main purpose of the stage


爐心: 請問 為什麼我跳回桌面點Miiverse後,卻出現不能開啟的情況? (未進遊戲前,我可以正常開啟Miiverse,但開魔物後,跳回桌面就不能開了) shiuan0413: 想請問一下為什麼我前兩天還可以截圖,結果現在再弄就沒有出現保存圖片的選項,只剩寫日記的選項.

Full collection of images of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS [SSB4] from the post of Masahiro Sakurai on Miiverse and the official website and the ‘Fanpic of the Day’ from

[PR] 広告主様募集 ω ここはハムスター好きがハムハムするサイトですω。 ハムスターランド

Stage Layout

Nintendo’s goodbye to the Miiverse. Nintendo Remember that one time Nintendo tried to build its own social network?Unless you had a Wii U, you probably don’t — but it was called Miiverse, and it

Remember that one time Nintendo tried to build its own social network? Unless you had a Wii U, you probably don’t — but it was called Miiverse, and it was weird, awkward and kind of wonderful.The odd social platform let users take screenshots in most Wii U and

Closedverse was a Miiverse clone created by Arian Kordi and PF2M in Python and Django Web Framework. The original goal of Closedverse was the parody Openverse and make it better. History PF2M begins work on Openverse and he announces it, Arian tries to

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A Mii (/miː/) is a customizable avatar used on several Nintendo video game consoles and mobile apps. Miis were first introduced on the Wii, and later appeared on the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and various Nintendo apps for smart devices. Miis can be created using different body, facial, and clothing features, and can then be used

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29/8/2017 · Le service Miiverse ne sera plus disponible à partir du mercredi 08/11/2017 à 7h00. Après l’arrêt du service Miiverse Il ne sera plus possible d’accéder à Miiverse depuis un navigateur Internet, ni depuis une console de la famille Nintendo 3DS, ni depuis une console Wii U. Les services liés à Miiverse ne seront plus disponibles, notamment la lecture et la publication de messages et

Miiverse was Nintendo’s social network for the Wii U and 3DS. It had a website, as well as clients on Wii U and 3DS which were restricted web browsers. The archived data has been compiled into a browsable website called Archiverse

Project source: miiverse-grab

Miiverse was Nintendo’s gaming social network which debuted on the Wii U in 2012, and Nintendo 3DS and as a web client in early 2013. The service was terminated along with the Japanese version of Nintendo TVii in November 2017.

This is an ongoing list of the various Miiverse websites and forums, posted here on r/Miiverse as an easy to find point of reference. All the links provided below lead to different sites and communities that have been created and/or designed with Miiverse in mind.

サービス終了した任天堂「Miiverse」の懐かしいお絵かきなどを発掘できる「Archiverse」 任天堂のゲーム機「Wii U」や「ニンテンドー3DS」で利用でき

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